Release 1902b

Christian Seibold  —  3 months, 1 week ago [Edited 14 minutes later]
I have decided to make a second release for this month due to the previous release being so small. This release includes new features and bug fixes:

New Features and Additions
  • Rewrote Line Range parsing - fixes bugs, allows bookmarks to be used as start or end of range ('j #bkmrk:#bkmrk2').
  • Added Relative Lines and Relative Range Ends - relative lines can be relative to a line, a bookmark, or the current line ('5+2:10' = '7:10', '+2:10' = '#c+2:10', '5:#bkmrk+5', '#bkmrk+3' = '#bkmrk+3:#bkmrk+3'). Relative Range Ends allow the end of a range to be relative to the start of the range given ('5+:3' = '5:5+3', '#bkmrk+:5' = '#bkmrk:#bkmrk+5')
  • Command Input History - use up/down arrows on command prompt
  • Internal Clipboard with Copy and Paste - 'c (line/range)' to copy, 'C (string)' to place string into clipboard (as line), 'vi (line/range)' to paste before given line, 'va (line/range)' to paste after given line.
  • Insensitive versions of the find and replace commands ('fi', 'ffi', 'fai', 'ffai', etc.)
  • 'je' to jump to end of range
  • 'jn' to jump to next line and 'jp' to jump to previous line
  • Ability to change line endings of current file with "set line_ending value" where the accepted values are: 'crlf', 'cr', or 'lf'. You may also use these as values: 'old_mac', 'windows', 'dos', 'cpm', and 'unix' (note: do not include quotes when given to set command).
  • When reading file, detect whether spaces or tabs are used more often and use that for all indentation during save, auto-convert tabs/spaces at beginning of lines to tabs for internal buffer (which is then changed back to spaces if needed during save).
  • ability to set indentation size with "set indent_size number", ability to set to use tabs or spaces with "set indent_spaces [true/false]", 'default' is also allowed for both - which will in the future use the setting in the user's settings file.

Fixes and Changes
  • Fix the output of the find and replace commands that shows the position of the string being replaced in the line.
  • Find and Replace commands accept a line/range to search within, defaulting to current line ('#c') when omitted. 'f (line/range) (string)', 'fa (line/range) (string)' for find all, 'R (line/range) (string)', 'Ra (line/range) (string)' for Replace All. 'ff' and 'ffa' added to equate to 'f #f' and 'fa #f'.
  • Delete command ('x') will copy lines into clipboard and delete.
  • Removed new buffer ('n') command. 'o' (open) does basically the same thing.
  • Combine outline and bookmark data structures - slightly less memory used for same functionality.
  • Fix up the help screen (as well as update with new commands and changes to commands)
  • Fix 'b' command

Note: The 32-bit Windows binary as well as the source (zip) have been uploaded. The Linux binaries will be uploaded later today.
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