Progress Report 1902

Christian Seibold  —  3 months, 3 weeks ago [Edited 2 days, 19 hours later]
Not much has been done during January. I have fixed some important problems (denoted with asterisk) and am starting work on new features.

  • Removed Copyright
  • Added Version Number
  • Changed name in-program to EdimCoder
  • Removed unnecessary printing of open filename from 'help' command
  • Ability to get Terminal Size for Linux - will be used for future features
  • Ctrl+Backspace will now work correctly on Linux (*)
  • Bookmark problems have been fixed - passing some bookmarks into commands resulted in the wrong line range given to the command (*)
  • Start work on Bookmark Types - will be useful for future features
  • Fix Replace String ("R") command (*)

Planned Features and Fixes for February

  • Bookmark Types as well as default bookmarks associated with the current bookmark (bookmark the current line is within the bounds of) of a specific type
  • Rewrite parsing of line number/range or bookmark given to commands
  • Improved outline system
  • Commands for Find all, Replace all, Find first, Replace first, Replace line range
  • More jump commands
  • Using a bookmark for the start/end of a line range (ex: 'p #c:#s' - print from current line to end of current section)
  • Relative lines

Future Ideas

  • Subscript/Index notation of bookmarks
  • Temporary Bookmarks (#t1-#tn) - dependent on last run command

Update: The new binary for Linux x64 has been uploaded.
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