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Release 1902b

Christian Seibold  — 3 months ago
I have decided to make a second release for this month due to the previous release being so small. This release includes new features and bug fixes:

New Features and Additions
  • Rewrote Line Range parsing - fixes bugs, allows bookmarks to be used as start or end of range ('j #bkmrk:#bkmrk2').
  • Added Relative Lines and Relative Range Ends - relative lines can be relative to a line, a bookmark, or the current line ('5+2:10' = '7:10', '+2:10' = '#c+2:10', '5:#bkmrk+5', '#bkmrk+3' = '#bkmrk+3:#bkmrk+3'). Relative Range Ends allow the end of a range ...
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Progress Report 1902

Christian Seibold  — 3 months, 2 weeks ago
Not much has been done during January. I have fixed some important problems (denoted with asterisk) and am starting work on new features.

  • Removed Copyright
  • Added Version Number
  • Changed name in-program to EdimCoder
  • Removed unnecessary printing of open filename from 'help' command
  • Ability to get Terminal Size for Linux - will be used for future features
  • Ctrl+Backspace will now work correctly on Linux (*)
  • Bookmark problems have been fixed - passing some bookmarks into commands resulted in the wrong line range given to the command (*)
  • Start work on Bookmark Types - will be useful for future features
  • Fix Replace String ("R") command (*)

Planned ...
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Getting Started With EdimCoder

Christian Seibold  — 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Following the acceptance of EdimCoder to the network, I wanted to write a basic getting started tutorial to introduce potential users to EdimCoder's features.

Starting the Program

There are multiple ways to start the program. Double clicking the executable, or running it from the terminal, will open the editor with a Scratch buffer. The Scratch buffer can be used for notes, copying and pasting for later use, and other things.

The other way to start the program is by dragging a file to the executable, or, in the terminal, passing the program a file path. This will open the ...
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